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Our commercial department offers a variety of expertise for projects of all sizes. From unitized curtain wall to an office space build out, our Shell & Core and Special Projects Division has you covered- including Service & Repair.


Goldfinch’s Shell & Core team’s long-standing reputation provides innovative exterior fenestration systems and adaptive solutions for small- and large-scale construction projects. Knowledgeable preconstruction and project management talent combined with state-of-the-art technology, internal fabrication capabilities and expert installation services drive productivity, availability, customization, and control.


Goldfinch’s Special Projects Division specializes in all facets of interior glass and glazing, including framing, doors and hardware.  Based on the growth in specialty glass products, Goldfinch’s Special Projects Division has also developed significant expertise in decorative and specialty glazing products. Our experienced and agile team delivers creative and functional solutions in an increasingly fast paced industry. 

Service & Repair

Goldfinch’s Commercial Service department provides glazing, doors, and hardware solution for tenants, business owners, and Contractors in a service-oriented manner. Our team prides themselves in providing expedited response times, knowledgeable troubleshooting, and qualified technicians to service your project needs including vandalism and break-ins.

For service & repair, please call 425-258-4662 ext. 921