Denise Harris – Women in Construction

Celebrating Women’s History Month with Women in Construction:

Meet Denise Harris, Journeyman Glazier at Goldfinch Brothers Inc.


How has your role in the industry changed over time?

I started as a brand-new apprentice with no experience in 2014. I went through the 4-year program and journeyed out 2 years ago. My role in the industry has not changed, but my knowledge and experience has grown tremendously.

What are some challenges that come from being a woman in the construction industry?

On a daily basis, I’m challenged in the industry to prove that I’m capable of doing the task I’m assigned to, whether it’s strength or knowledge.

What are some advantages that come from being a woman in the construction industry?

I do not think that there have been any advantages. Only that I am proving to other women that women can work hard too.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in the construction industry?

Career, financial stability, and retirement.

What are some benefits to having women in the construction industry?

I do not think there are benefits or advantages to having woman in the industry. If a person (male or female) has a desire to build America, they should follow their dream.