Introducing Marvin Modern

Goldfinch Bros., Inc. is excited to be a select dealer offering Marvin Modern!

Marvin ModernMarvin Modern was inspired by the needs of architects and builders.  Every Marvin Modern product meets the exacting standards of true modern architecture, no detail was overlooked.  The result is a product line that delivers leading thermal performance, modern aesthetics, and a seamless experience from the initial design through to final installation.

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Modern Aesthetics

Marvin Modern features low-gloss aluminum interiors that minimize visual distractions and enhance the flow of natural light.  Fasteners and rubber gaskets are disguised and concealed to maintain clean, crisp edges.

Modular System

Marvin Modern products work together as a modular system.  Consistent product profiles allow you to design with confidence, maintaining narrow sightlines.

Leading Thermal Performance

The new frame is strong, durable, and thermally efficient.  Marvin Modern’s frames are formed from a solid piece of High-Density Fiberglass.  No additional material is required to aid its thermal performance.

Delivery and Installation 

Optimal packaging mitigates delivery damage and every shipment contains all hardware, documentation, and necessary items for installation.

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