Kim Jones – Women in Construction

Celebrating Women’s History Month with Women in Construction:

Meet Kim Jones, Retail Sales at Goldfinch Brothers Inc.


What has surprised you the most about the construction industry?

Having worked in many different types of construction during my career, I am surprised at the number of professional, personal relationships I have developed and maintained for years and decades. A pervious manager I worked for over 14 years ago continues to be an inspiration, mentor, and friend. This is only one example of the many relationships that I have developed over my career.

What do you enjoy about working at Goldfinch Brothers?

The owner’s, past and present, know their employees at a personal level. Even with almost 200 employees Goldfinch still feels like a small family business. I enjoy when Mrs. Goldfinch, who worked the retail counter in my same position, stops by and shares her experiences working the retail counter or even an opinion on good book she recently finished or is reading.

What are some words of wisdom for women in the construction industry?

Be prepared for gender challenges and that men don’t always understand the historical challenges that women can and will face in the construction industry. But know, that continued strength, knowledge, and determination to succeed will push you past those barriers and earn you recognition in the industry.

What inspires you about being a woman in the construction industry?

My inspiration to succeed in the construction industry is to show my daughters that if they work hard there is no field outside of their reach. My 6-year-old is very proud of what I do, and she shares with people that her mom “makes glass.” Her pride inspires me to be able to work hard and share my work projects.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The relationships with coworkers, clients, and vendors. Being able to work together to find solutions for people and creating lasting relationships with all involved.

Stay tuned to learn more about the incredible women at Goldfinch Brothers Inc. as we celebrate Women’s History Month.