Mercer Does Modern!

What do you do?

What do you do when you’re one of the premiere builders of Modern homes in the Northwest, you’re in the process of constructing a masterpiece, and you just can’t find a window you like enough to install into your project? If you’re Rick Ward of Build Modern, in Seattle, Washington…you go looking. His search led him to the glazing professionals at Goldfinch Brothers Glass, in Everett, Washington. And that’s where Rick first learned about Mercer Windows.

“I had worked with other window companies and either didn’t like the way their windows functioned…or didn’t care for their service…or a combination of both. Needless to say…I’m very glad to now have an association with Mercer…they really make a nice window that fit my application needs perfectly.”

Rick is an expert builder who helped to pioneer the current modern home movement in Seattle via the great homes he builds. For this client, he needed a window that would fit with his modern design (which included floor to ceiling fenestration), and still provided lots of daylight, comfort, and energy efficiency. “We get a little bit of weather up here in the Emerald City…so I had to have a window that would perform well…one that I could have faith in.”

The Solution

Rick discovered what many designers and builders of Modern architecture have come to know…there aren’t many window companies of Mercer’s caliper and experience that still produce an energy efficient architectural aluminum window with a truly Modern look. Here’s how Mercer helped to accommodate this 4,000 square foot, 4 bedroom, 3 ½ bath beauty.

We recommended our 2.0 Thermal Break Aluminum #119 Perimeter Nail Fin Window Frame. It’s unique exterior profile and sleek architectural sight line perfectly framed the views from around the home…almost turning them into art pieces! The Clear Anodized finish complemented the exterior and interior mood of the home perfectly! Casement vents were outfitted with Truth Heavy Duty stainless steel hinges, coupled with secure white bronze cast cam handles…that will provide a lifetime of service…and are really cool looking!

We joined the sash together with our #206 H-Mullions…a great way to fill large window openings economically and provide structural integrity. And we glazed the windows with energy saving Cardinal LoE 366™ insulated glass units…and included Cardinal Neat® easy clean exterior window coating…which helps to reduce maintenance chores.

The Result

Even with its large window openings, this home is comfortable year around…and very energy efficient. Rick loves the way the windows operate…and that they have proven to be structurally sound and watertight! Rick was especially impressed that Mercer could provide the large window vents that help to increase daylighting and fresh air ventilation. This all helped to bring the natural beauty of the outdoors into the interior environment of the home.

The best part of Rick’s association with Mercer Windows? We think that it’s the fact that he plans to use Mercer on his future projects…what better complement to our abilities is there than that?!? As you can see by the photographs, Mercer played an important role in helping Rick realize his Modern look…and we will again!

360 Modern…a modern take on real estate

Aside from being the Head Honcho at Build Modern, Rick Ward, along with his partner Kelly Bryne, operate 360 Modern. It’s a consortium of real estate agents that are passionate about and dedicated to the appreciation of Modern architecture and all things related. They provide two services: real estate services for folks wanting to buy or sell a Modern home, and a trusted place for clients to keep up with the ever-changing information regarding Modern architecture and Modernism.

It was about 12 years ago that Rick developed an interest in Modern architecture. “I was building traditional homes and got bored. Modern was a new challenge for me, and I became passionate about it!” It was seven years ago that Rick began an association with 360 Modern…combining his ability to build Modern homes with 360’s mechanism to market and sell them. Today, Rick is the President of 360 Modern!

Rick’s wife Heidi works as an agent at 360 Modern, and when they aren’t tearing up the world of Modern architecture, they enjoy spending time with their two sons, ages eight and ten. Though he spends a great amount of time building his business (he is presently working on the web site development for 360 Modern…which he loves to do!), you might find him on the ski slopes with his family.

Rick’s passion for life and Modern architecture is infectious! He enjoys working with his clients to provide them with homes of their dreams! If you’re thinking about moving your life into a Modern home…we suggest you contact Rick Ward…you will enjoy the experience!