Barn Doors Aren’t Just For The Farm Anymore

Whether you’ve taken inspiration from your favorite HGTV show or have seen the way a barn door can completely transform a room, the rustic style of barn doors has quickly become a stylish way to update your home. 

Over the last few years, barn doors have been a popular trend throughout households across the nation; But they aren’t just for barns anymore, farm style interior doors combines both practicality and aesthetic to tie the look and feel of a room together. 

Barn doors differ from traditional doors not only in appearance, but also in functionality. The average swinging door needs 9 or more feet in diameter to open and close, while barn doors have the advantage of a high performing support system, which allows doors to slide on a track unit designed to hold a heavier and studier door with total ease of movement. By eliminating the space needed for a swinging door, farm style doors help save space, making it easier to utilize all that extra room for furniture, appliances, and movement in general.

Exterior barn door by Simpson Door Company

Part of the reason why homeowners are head over heals for barn doors has to do with the charm of their timeless rustic style. The look of weathered or reclaimed wood can give your home a cozy character all its own, but not all farm style doors channel that rural feel. Styles of barn door include sleek, modern options perfectly fit for a great contemporary look. 

Barn doors don’t only provide your home with a stylish appearance, but according to Zillow, they also increase your home’s value if you decide to sell. Zillow Dig’s stated that homes listed for sale that included “barn door” in the description sold faster, and also sold 13.4% more overall than expected. 



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