The Benefits of Skylights in Your Everett Home

Are you considering adding a skylight (roof window) to spruce up your home’s appearance? The aesthetic, economic and even health benefits are many. Here are just a few advantages of skylights.

Woman standing below a roof skylight
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Natural Light

Everything looks better under natural light. Window lighting can be very bright or dull depending on the time of day. Skylights windows provide balanced, natural lighting from above, enhancing the look of your decor and color schemes.

Healthy Environment

Skylights enhance a fresh, healthy environment. For starters, there are mood-elevating benefits of more sunshine. (Ahhh, feel that Vitamin D building up in your system.) Skylights also help eliminate pollutants and smells that build up in your home from normal, day-to-day activity: dust, pet hair, mildew, cooking odors, chemicals released from household cleaners.

Mold Reducing

Mold is an especially worrisome problem in Everett’s drizzly weather. It thrives in places that are dark and damp with stagnant air making sunlight and a fresh breeze two of your biggest weapons for keeping it at bay. Stop window condensation. Skylights that open release those toxins and help circulate fresh air into your home, ensuring it will be a healthy, pleasant place to live for years to come.

Better View, Without Loss of Privacy

Get a better view without sacrificing privacy. In homes that are built close together bedroom and bathroom shades often remain closed. By adding a roof skylight, you can let more light in without worrying about prying eyes.

In addition, many skylight options come with blinds or shades that allow homeowners to diffuse or block the light during certain times of the day or programmable touch-screen remote controls that allow homeowners to schedule times for skylight blinds to close and open.

Contact us today to learn about how you can get skylight windows installed in your Everett home.

Save Money

Save on energy bills. Heat naturally rises and is pulled out through skylights that open while cool air is pulled in through lower level windows. On those hot summer days that means you can be less dependent on air conditioning. For more ways to save money, check out Low-e Glass.

Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable

Add natural light to bonus rooms. If you’re considering converting an extra room into a home office or turning your attic into a bedroom, skylights and roof windows are the perfect way to add light and making them feel comfortable. This is especially true in attics with sloped roofs where it can be difficult to add windows.





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