Energy Efficient Home Windows

staying cozy insideToday’s homeowner, whether considering building a new home or upgrading an existing home, will often have a healthy interest in energy efficiency. Here in the Pacific Northwest, wind, rain and cold belongs on the outside of our homes, not the inside. Also, Seattle area homeowners not only want energy savings, we want our products and building procedures to be as green as our state nickname. Here at Goldfinch Brothers, Inc. we hear you! Our products are state-of-the-art in terms of energy efficiency. Our employees receive ongoing education to ensure our customers get the latest information for decision making when considering windows and doors from our showroom. Efficient windows and doors are more than just a product on display, too. Our CAD Design Engineers will listen to your needs and ideas then give you a complete package of the most energy efficient and green products and processes found anywhere.

Technically speaking, whether your desire is for wood, composite or aluminum frames we will supply the best products available. The types of glazing options available, from LoE-366 (which exceeds Energy Star requirements), solar bronze, self-cleaning glass or hurricane glazing for coastal regions where it may be required, will not just meet, but exceed your window requirements.

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Replacing older windows with energy-efficient ones will also help reduce utility bills – but the benefits go much further. Energy-efficient windows make your home more comfortable, as their performance determines how much heat comes in and escapes out through the windows.

Certification programs administered by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) and ENERGY STAR provide ratings designed to indicate the efficiency of a window or door. Various performance ratings — like U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient — measure a product’s effectiveness in insulating and blocking heat from the sun. Our employees are trained to know and perform according to those standards.

As you can see, here at Goldfinch Brothers, Inc. we bring full assurance of our products and procedures to your home. Our long history of glass and glazing here in the Northwest (five generations of ownership and daily hands-on management) comes with both time proven customer service and the latest technology available.

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