Fiberglass Windows – The Pros & Cons

Fiberglass windows have traditionally occupied a small niche in the replacement window market, but they have noticeably started to gain traction in recent years. The most recent market report released jointly by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association and the Window & Door Manufacturers Association shows them having a 3.2 percent share of the market, and “more contractors are installing them because more homeowners are asking for them,” according to Remodeling Jim Cory of Remodeling Magazine.



fiberglass windowBuilt to last: Fiberglass is about eight times stronger than vinyl with a lifespan that is about 38 percent longer, according to Lee Wallander, the home renovations expert at below))) Windows made out of this material are also resistant to temperature extremes and moisture damage, meaning they won’t rust like some metal options or warp and splinter like wood can.

Energy efficient: Foam-filled fiberglass has the highest insulation value of any window frame material, according to the product review site, Consumer Search; and the material reacts to temperature changes in much the same way as glass, making this an exceptionally air-tight option.

Low maintenance: Fiberglass windows don’t require painting or staining, and the color you have chosen is the same inside and out. However, you can paint fiberglass if you so desire.

Eco-friendly: The American Architectural Manufacturers Association calls fiberglass “an environmentally-friendly material that’s built to last.” Its main ingredient is glass which is derived from an abundant resource, sand. It also has “low embodied energy” – meaning the energy required to create it – making it one of the “greener” options.



Cost: Fiberglass windows can be more expensive than other options. “Contractors who install fiberglass say that cost alone makes it unlikely that fiberglass will rival wood an vinyl in market share,” Cory writes.


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