Install Energy Efficient Windows and Receive PUD Rebate!

If you’re considering enhancing your home’s energy efficiency, homeowners in Snohomish County are in luck! If you have an electrically heated home, your family may be eligible to receive instant rebates through the Snohomish County’s Public Utility District (PUD), which is the second largest publicly owned utility in the state of Washington. The PUD offers eligible homeowners the opportunity to help you pay for energy-saving home improvements!

Who is eligible for rebate? If you live in Snohomish County or Camano Island, homeowners with an electrically heated, manufactured home, townhouse or condominium for a single family, with up to 3 stories in height are eligible to participate in the PUD’s rebate.

Owners of electrically heated condos or multi-family buildings that have more than 5 units and over 3 stories in height may also qualify for the PUD’s Multi-Family Program.

Customers who meet the PUD’s criteria are qualified to install insulated windows, duct sealing and insulation, or insulation in their floor, ceiling, or walls.

Learn more about the PUD’s instant rebates here.

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