Painted Vinyl Windows – A Popular Trend

Premium painted vinyl windows are a popular trend, and for good reason.  Not only are painted vinyl windows affordable and easily installed, they’re also extremely energy efficient and low maintenance.

There was once a time when options were limited and homeowners had to settle for white vinyl windows. Today, limitations are a thing of the past. Due to their increasing popularity, one can choose from a variety of premium colors from top manufacturers such as Milgard and Ply Gem. Find the perfect color to enhance your home’s style at an affordable cost.

Painted Vinyl Windows from Milgard

Milgard Windows and Doors is best known for creating industry leading designs and innovations.  With painted vinyl windows in high demand, Milgard formulated a new type of paint that comes in a large selection of durable and stylish colors. Enjoy Milgard’s wide variety of long lasting, high quality painted vinyl windows while lowering your energy cost and enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

Milgard Painted Vinyl Window Colors

Painted Vinyl Windows from Ply Gem

Ply Gem is leading manufacturer in the industry. Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, you can choose from a variety of different colors and customizable sizes designed to meet your needs and today’s modern building trends. Ply Gem also offers a large selection of frame and hardware options, as well as energy efficient glass. With so many great choices you can start by choosing Ply Gems painted vinyl windows in your home design plans.

At Goldfinch Bros, Inc. we provide solutions that are elegant, modern and use only the best quality of materials and craftsmanship. Give us a call today to discuss your interest in painted vinyl windows or stop by our showroom in Everett.




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