Spring Window Cleaning

Clean Windows: the secret to full visual enjoyment of your windows.  Here are the best tips for window cleaning inside and out.

spring window cleaningOld man winter can leave a murky build-up on your windows. One of the reasons you value your windows is for the clear views to the outdoors.  So, when it comes time for spring cleaning and washing your windows here are some great tips for a quality cleaning experience.

Some people prefer commercially available products for their ease of use or personal preference.  But if you are looking for a completely green conscious approach try these tips using common household products.

For a completely green, non-toxic cleaning formula that works really well, use white distilled vinegar.  You will love this one if you have children too because it is safe even if ingested!

For outside window cleaning:

  • Begin your cleaning procedure when there is no direct sunlight on the glass.
  • For windows with an exceptionally heavy amount of built up dirt, debris and grime, rinse off the heaviest buildup with water, and use an old cotton tee shirt or cotton diaper to rub off the worst of it.
  • Now it’s time to refine your cleaning process that will conclude with a clear, streak free glossy window.
  • Mix one part distilled vinegar with one part hot water.
  • Use a microfiber cloth or a natural sponge dipped in this solution to wipe down the windows thoroughly.
  • Use a dry microfiber cloth (dry) to wipe dry the glass.
  • For any stubborn stains, try the direct application of straight vinegar and apply firm pressure in circular motions.

Some other notes:

If you still have streaks or stains after using the vinegar solution, it is usually the cause of the prior use of commercial products, some of which can leave a corruptive residue on glass.  Try adding a half teaspoon of your favorite dishwashing liquid to the solution and apply heavy pressure to the stains.

Some people prefer to wipe their windows clean with crumpled newspaper or higher quality paper towels.  You want something that won’t spread lint into the environment.

An alternative cleaning solution you can mix up readily is very similar.  It is straight forward and easy to mix up and many people swear by it.

Mix 2 cups water with one quarter cup of white distilled vinegar.  Add one half teaspoon of your favorite dishwashing liguid.
If you use this last cleaning mixture, you may get away with washing your windows using a soft bristle brush and rinsing with a hose, going back with straight vinegar on any stubborn stains.

For inside glass:

Since the inside glass is not normally exposed to the buildup of winter debris and grime, you can skip the step of washing and loosening the heavy buildup that you did on the outside.  The cleaning solution is a little different too; gentler, milder.

For inside window cleaning:

  • Begin by mixing up a cleaning solution made from two parts water and adding one part vinegar.  (You may opt to also add a teaspoon of your favorite liquid dish soap to this solution)
  • Use a microfiber towel or cotton cloth to wash the window glass thoroughly.
  • For the buffing the window dry and streak free, use a dry microfiber towel.

A suggestion for cleaning gliding tracks in your window, tape a cotton ball over the eraser of an unsharpened pencil, dip it in vinegar and push it down in the tracks.  Then change out the cotton ball for a dry one to dry the track out before closing it (be sure to dry it out so as not to add moisture where molds can grow.  Vinegar is a natural antibacterial agent).

Window cleaning as and when needed is a great way to boost the atmosphere of your home, giving it a certain sparkle that can be felt by a cheery feeling.  And depending on the amount of obscuration from your winter buildup, you may have regained a bit of energy efficiency which means dollars saved and a nod toward the environment.

Knowing all this, now you can clean your windows with a smile on your face!



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