Window Buying Process

showroom-3Whether you are renovating an older home or building it new, the window shopping and buying process is essentially the same. For new homes, the contractor will have samples and suggestions you can choose from before the actual building process begins. For renovations, the simple steps outlined here will get you the best, most satisfying experience available.

Once you narrow down contractor selections, you will want to get a free in-home consultation. It is usually suggested to get three bids before you make a final selection. The thought of spending thousands of dollars on new windows can be nerve-wracking enough, so you won’t want a high-pressure sales pitch. Once the contractor knows your needs the best choices for your situation can be presented. If you have a budget, stick to it.

When the final contractor choice is made you can then arrange for the signing of a contract and make a deposit. Be sure the details of the contract are clearly presented and the contractor’s license number is clearly presented.

After the agreement is reached, the installer will send someone to make all the critical measurements. This will be scheduled at your convenience. When the measurements are complete, the company will schedule the installation date.  Your contractor will track the windows from manufacturing to delivery at your home.

When the installation process begins, most work will be done from the outside. Old windows and debris will be removed by the contractor. Complete clean-up of the area where work is done is also the responsibility of the installer. Window installation is just one of many home services we provide.

Now, a word of caution is needed. The three most common mistakes homeowners make when replacing windows can be easily avoided. First, ask as many questions about the replacement windows as you can until you are fully satisfied with the answers. Don’t leave any question unasked! Secondly, many homeowners want to replace the existing windows with the same type or style. Modern manufacturing techniques produce far superior window construction than old-style windows. The different options available today will enhance and beautify your home for years to come so don’t be afraid to adopt a different look. Along with the look, consider the construction and energy efficiency the new windows will bring. Finally, the third (and most common) mistake made is choosing windows solely on the price. While your budget is important, the long-term savings provided by energy efficient windows will more than offset the cost over time. Think long-term cost/savings.

In the end, new windows will add charm and beauty to your home. Along with energy savings, they will add value in the event you decide to sell and move on. Enjoy the process.



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