30% Tax Credit with Skylights

Combine 30% in tax savings with the glamorous and healthful benefits of installing Velux® energy performance model skylights for a winning combination in your home improvement endeavors.

Velux SkylightsLet’s face it, living here in the Northwest can often include long periods of dreary weather which can negatively impact emotional health by lowering energy levels.  A sure way to combat this is to install skylights above the most highly occupied living areas of your home.  Adding natural light pathways into your home brightens the interior significantly – even on the grayest of days. With the addition of skylights, you will see the shadows conspicuously diminished, right into the corners.  Watch your overall moods rise as the interior atmosphere of your home comes alive with the sparkle and dazzle of natural light. Guests will be sure to comment about the pleasant feeling of your home.

Another thing that contributes to a home’s interior appeal are plants, and how they will thrive, as you introduce beautiful streaming light inside.  Your houseplants will grow lush and radiate the oxygenated vibrancy that makes for a fresh, enlivened room.

And if you install roof windows that open to the invigorating breezes of the outdoors, you will add an effective deterrent to the buildup of molds and mildew, thus, enhancing the overall healthful qualities inside your living spaces; not to mention the unsightliness caused by the dark colored molds.  This also translates to reducing your spring cleaning workload.

Another positive effect derived from installing skylights on your house is the potential energy cost savings. There are times when the radiant effect of the sun on clear, but otherwise cool days, can raise your home’s interior temperature.  In the past you may be have been tempted to use the air conditioner on such days, or in an effort to avoid costs, simply choose to suffer through the day.  But with the installation of skylights that open, the cool air from outside is utilized to lower the interior temperature, and you have reduced energy consumption. This is both cost saving and eco-friendly. Yet another way to enhance energy efficiency is to install low-e glass.

With the installation of certain products such as Velux energy performance model skylights, you are entitled to a tax credit of 30 % of both the purchase and installation costs of Velux and other qualifying products employing environmentally friendly renewable technologies.

These tax credits are available to you in these instances, and with a copy of your receipts outlining total installation and purchase costs, the qualifying product information, and the date of the transaction.  Come tax time this can be a significant savings!  See http://www.veluxusa.com/help-and-advice/tax-credit for detailed information on this government backed incentive program to increase U.S. home energy efficiency through the applications of renewable technologies.

This tax advantage savings is only available through 2021 so don’t delay in your upgrade plans.  To learn more give the professionals at Goldfinch Bros. a call or fill out our convenient online form here on this page.



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